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Pre Order $45.75

12oz Slow roasted prime rib served with au jus and horsey sauce.

12oz rib eye steak

8oz charbroiled salmon filet peppercorn crusted with a blood orange sauce.

A pound and a half split crispy chicken confit topped with a mustard sauce.

Choose One Side

Baked potato, fried rice, fries, or Vegetable medley.

Comes with a wedge salad, and house table French loaf with butter.

Desserts are raspberry cheesecake, or chocolate eruption cake $6.00

Appetizer Buffet

Offered in increments of 75 pieces. Minimum 25 people. Three pieces per person.

BBQ meatballs with your choice of BBQ, sweet Asian plum, or marinara.


Bone in chicken wings with your choice of BBQ, buffalo, or sweet Thai chile.

Per $161.00

Bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos served with sweet Thai chile sauce.


Chicken skewers with a chipotle mole sauce.


House made beer batter O-rings served with BBQ and ranch dressing.


House made chips and salsa.


Southwest egg rolls served with a chipotle ranch dipping sauce.


Chicken tenders served with ranch and honey mustard sauce.


Peel and eat jumbo shrimp served with cocktail and lemon.


Classic Buffet Menu

$31.00 Per Person

Choice of two entrees up to 50 people. 50/50 split of two items.

Choice of three entrees 50 and up. 1/3 split of three items.

Roasted turkey breast with a citrus mustard glaze.

Baked ham with a pineapple raisin chutney.

Burgundy mushroom chicken

Braised beef pot roast.

Choose Two Salads

Green Tossed, Waldorf, Cucumber, Tomato Basil, Anti Pasta, Broccoli Bacon

Choose Two Side Dishes One Vegetable, And One Starch

Vegetable medley, Green Beans with bacon, onion, and cheese, Braised baby carrots.

Wild rice pilaf, Smashed potatoes, bake potato, or roasted red potatoes.

Western Buffet Menu

$25.75 Per Person

Choice of two entrees up to 50 people. 50/50 split of two items.

Choice of three entrees 50 and up. 1/3 split of three items.

BBQ pork ribs

BBQ chicken

Bacon wrapped meatloaf

Braised BBQ brisket

Served with baked beans, corn bread, coleslaw, and potato salad.

Mexican Buffet Menu

$22.75 Per Person

Taco meat and Pulled pork build your own tacos

Pulled Chicken enchiladas

Black beans

Spanish rice

Served with chips, condiments, and flour tortillas.

Sandwich and Salad Buffet Menu

$20.50 Per Person

Sliced turkey, ham, and salami

Slice cheddar, Swiss, and provolone

White bread, and wheat bread

Comes with all condiments, potato salad, and a chicken pasta salad.

BBQ Menu

$19.00 Choose between two items Per Person

1/4 pound hot dogs

1/3 pound hamburger


Grilled chicken burgers

Comes with all condiments, potato salad, coleslaw, and potato chips.

Breakfast Buffet Menu

$22.75 Per Person

Scramble eggs with cheese

Bacon, sausage links, and ham steaks

Corn beef hash

Biscuits and country gravy

French toast and pancakes

Breakfast enchiladas

Potato Casserole

Fresh fruit adds $3.00

Coffee and tea

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